Let's go! Samurai☆NINJA at the Airport

Centrair, the gateway of Samurai×Ninja

Samurai×NINJA Airport Project

In July 2018, Centrair began the Samurai Ninja Project.
Centrair as the gateway to Central Japan region is making an efford to introduce the rich history of Central Japan to international visitors. Samurai×NINJA Airport Project is one of our initiatives to promote the culture and history of Central Japan, using the internationally known figures of Samurai and Ninja as its focal point.

Central Japan Samurai and Ninja history

The area surrounding Central Japan International Airport is the birthplace of the Three Feudal Lords, Nobunaga Oda, Hideyoshi Toyotomi and Ieyasu Tokugawa, samurai leaders who took the reins of the government during the Age of Warring States. It is also the home of the Iga and Koka Ninja villages, whose trained spies were frequently employed during this period.


The Beyond 2020 Program is a set of cultural activities and initiatives certified by the Japanese government that focus on diversity and international values, while communicating the beauty of Japanese culture both within Japan and abroad.
The Samurai×Ninja Airport Project helps support this program.

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