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Echizen Crab


The tastiest winter dish, the Echizen Crab, has arrived to Fukui Prefecture.
The male crab, ‘Zuwai’ in Japanese, is characterized by its long legs which contain slightly sweet meat inside, while the shell contains plenty of tasty and rich in flavor meat. The female crab, ‘Seiko’ in Japanese, is characterized by the bubbly texture given by the eggs inside it.
These eggs are called ‘red diamonds’ in Japan due to its vivid vermillion color. It's exquisite flavor that melts in the mouth makes them very popular among gourmets.

Product of GIFU Prefecture

【Sales period】

early in December - late in March.


Male snow crab(frozen, 500-600g)18,000 JPY(tax free)
Female snow crab "Seiko" (frozen, 40g)1,500 JPY(tax free)

【Coutries eligible to import this product】

※In addition to the above, female snow crabs can also be exported to TAIWAN.

Echizen Crab01
Echizen Crab02