Product Information

Mini Tomato “Meguri Tomatoes”


Squeeze the midi tomato into the size of the cherry tomato.
Not only is it sweet, but the original taste of the tomato has is condensed.

Plum red
The elongated shape (calyx-free) of the plum red is easy to eat and does not produce waste as such, it can be carried around as a snack. Because the flesh is thick and the pulp has a rich taste, the sweetness continues to spread until the last bite.

Plum lemon
The plum lemon with its thin skin and sweetness is easy to eat and popular with children. Even if you do not like tomatoes, you may be able to “overcome” these tomatoes. It has a refreshing sweetness

Product of Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture.

【Sales period】

late in November - June


“Meguri Tomato”1 cup 600JPY (tax free)

【Coutries eligible to import this product】

All customers can purchase this product. However, when bringing it into the plane, please eat before you get off.