Product Information

"Yumenoka" Strawberries


The Yumenoka strawberry was developed at Aichi Prefectural Agricultural Research Center as a crossbreed between an ovary of a Kurume 55 (cultivated at Kyushu Okinawa Agricultural Research Center) and pollen from a 531, and is Aichi Prefecture’s original variety of strawberry which was registered by Aichi Prefecture in March 2007.Its cultivation requires a license agreement with Aichi Prefecture. Its pericarp is moderately hard and not damaged easily. It can also be harvested at full ripeness and has a high sugar content, but it also has a sourness to it, giving it a refreshing flavor.

Product of Aichi Prefecture

【Sales period】

late January - April.


"Yumenoka" 1 pack 900 yen (tax inclusive)

【Coutries eligible to import this product】

Customers from any country can purchase them. However, customers who take them on an airplane should eat them before arriving at the destination.