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By Private Shuttle

Private shuttles are jumbo-sized taxis that will take you directly to your hotel in the area you are visiting in Central Japan.

How to Use the Private Shuttles

Private shuttles are chartered jumbo-sized taxis that feature set rates according to each destination. Reservations are required. Please use the contact information below to make a reservation.

Estimated Fares (Chartered Travel)

Luggage fees are not required.

Price Per Vehicle
Estimated Cost Per Person (prices below 10 yen are rounded to the nearest digit)
4 people
7 people
Central Nagoya
13,850 yen
3,460 yen
1,980 yen
58,000 yen
14,500 yen
8,290 yen
43,600 yen
10,900 yen
6,230 yen
Central Kyoto
53,200 yen
13,300 yen
7,600 yen
Central Kanazawa
67,600 yen
16,900 yen
9,660 yen
38,800 yen
9,700 yen
5,540 yen
67,600 yen
16,900 yen
9,660 yen
58,000 yen
14,500 yen
8,290 yen
48,400 yen
12,100 yen
6,910 yen
67,600 yen
16,900 yen
9,660 yen
58,000 yen
14,500 yen
8,290 yen
36,820 yen
9,210 yen
5,260 yen

*Estimated costs include expressways and other tolls. Expressway tolls may vary depending on the day of the week and time of day. Routes are predetermined.

*In the event that transit times increase due to special requests from customers, a surcharge may be added to the fare.

Hours of Operation

Available 24 hours a day

*An extra 20% will be added to the fare during late-night and early-morning hours (from 22:00 to 5:00 of the next day).

Making a Reservation

Reservations can be made from as early as one month in advance until 21:00 of the day prior to travel (or until 19:00 of the day prior to travel when making reservations online).

  • Private Shuttle Reservation Center

    TEL: +81-52-604-8183
    Hours of operation: 9:00 - 13:00, 17:00 - 21:00

    Please call by 17:00 on the day prior to your travel if you need to cancel your reservation.
    *Cancellations can only be made by telephone.

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