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Access Plaza(Transportation-Related Information)

This facility serves to link trains, buses, cars, high-speed boats, and public transport with the Passenger Terminal, and it provides transportation and tourist information. We accept foreign currency exchange and rent mobile Wi-Fi. A convenience store open for 24 hours will also be available.

  • Rental Car Counter

    Reserve a rental car to be used on the same day at this counter.

  • Currency Exchange

    "This booth is located in the Access Plaza. 32 types of currency are available.
    *Currency exchange rates vary depending on the booth. Be sure to confirm rates at the counter before purchase."

  • Convenience Store

    This convenience store sells a huge selection of items ranging from packed lunches to daily essentials for 24 hours a day.

  • Meitetsu Travel Plaza

    You may exchange your tickets with the SHORYUDO Bus Pass at the Meitetsu Travel Plaza. You will be able to exchange it with the ticket you have purchased overseas.

More access and travel information

Help yourselves to useful information about transportation and services