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Nagoya is the third biggest metropolitan city following Tokyo and Osaka and it is the economic center of the Chubu region. Besides shopping, you can find plenty of historic buildings, represented by Nagoya Castle. Don't miss Osu if you are a big fan of Japanese subculture.
Nagoya is proud of its variety of specialty dishes: hitsumabushi, miso-katsu, kishimen, and more local specialties! You can enjoy fishery products and Japanese sweets as well!
It takes only 30 minutes from Centrair to Nagoya. Nagoya is a urban hub for access to other tourist spots including Hida-Takayama and Ise. Moreover, since it is located between Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto, you can get to Tokyo in less than 2 hours and Osaka and Kyoto in less than 1 hour.

Access from Airports

  • KIX about 2 hour Kansai International Airport
  • NGO about 0.5 hour Chubu Centrair International Airport
  • HND about 2.5 hour Tokyo International Airport
  • NRT about 3 hour Narita International Airport


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