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Parking information for disabled people

Parking Spaces for disabled people

Priority parking spaces are available near the first floor elevators in parking garages P1 and P2 (4th floor for P1 A and B and P2 K and L). More priority parking is available near each connecting passageway on the 4th floor of P3. Parking lot P2 M and outdoor parking lot P3 S are connected to the elevators by a covered walkway.

Please use the intercom at the entrance gate or in the parking lot if you wish to use a parking space, and you will be directed to an open space.

Discount System

Submit one of the following to receive a half-price off "discount for disabled people." *Large-sized vehicles and vehicles used as part of sales activities excepted

  1. Handbook for the disabled people
  2. Handicapped Child (Protection) Handbook
  3. Disabled Veteran's Handbook
  4. Atomic Bomb Survivor's Handbook
  5. Health and Welfare Handbook for the Mentally-Handicapped

Parking Spaces for Disabled People

120 spaces are available in the parking lot (40 of which are reserved parking) for people with disabilities. If you wish to use one of these spaces, please contact the Parking Lot Administration Office from the intercom at the entrance gate.

You will need to submit your vehicle's certificate of exemption from parking restriction (issued by the public safety commission), or a permit to use disabled parking spaces (issued by Central Japan International Airport). Please notify us at the intercom if you need to obtain a permit to use the disabled parking spaces.

Assistance for the Elderly and Disabled

We accept reservations for passengers who will be flying out of Central Japan International Airport that require special assistance. Contact the Centrair Telephone Center for details.

  • Centrair Telephone Center

    TEL: +81-569-38-1195
    Hours of operation: 6:40 - 22:00, open 365 days a year

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