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Parking Restrictions and Notices

Parking for Large-Sized Vehicles

The flat rate for large-sized vehicles applies to vehicles that are higher than 2.5 m (including vehicle load and accessories.) Large-sized vehicles must be parked in the P2 M parking lot, which has a height limit of 3.8 m.
Note that the parking fees differ from standard-size vehicles. Please see the "Parking Fees" page for details.

Parking for Large-Sized Vehicles

Parking for Motorcycles

Motorcycle parking is on the left side just past the P1 parking lot entrance. Parking tickets for motorcycles are issued at a different location from standard-size vehicles. Please go to the Parking Lot Administration Office. You will need to go to the Parking Lot Administration Office to pay your parking fees as well. Please be aware that the parking prepay machines cannot be used to pay for motorcycle parking fees.

*Please visit the Parking Lot Administration Office if you have difficulty parking your motorcycle in the designated spaces (for instance, if you have a sidecar).
*Please visit the Parking Lot Administration Office if the motorcycle parking lot is full. We will provide a different place for you to park.

Stopping at the Exit Gate

The Central Japan International Airport parking lot features a vehicle number authorization system, which allows for smooth exits and helps to ensure the safety of our customers. If you have already paid in advance, you only need to stop your vehicle at the exit gate and wait for the gate bar to open automatically in order to exit.

Note that since our vehicle number authorization system is different from the ETC system, you may collide with the gate bar before leaving the parking lot if you don't stop in front of the gate.

Parking in the Spaces for the Disabled

120 spaces are available in the parking lot (40 of which are reserved parking) for the disabled. If you wish to use one of these spaces, please contact the Parking Lot Administration Office from the intercom at the entrance gate.
You will need to submit your vehicle's certificate of exemption from parking restriction (issued by the public safety commission), or a permit to use disabled parking spaces (issued by Central Japan International Airport). Please notify us at the intercom if you need to obtain a permit to use the disabled parking spaces.

Parking Lot Reservations

The parking lot at Central Japan International Airport offers a total of 5,800 parking spaces ( P1 and P2 combined), making it one of the largest airport parking facilities in Japan. Despite this, we recommend that you reserve a parking space during peak times if you wish to ensure a space. Please see the "Parking Reservations" page for details.

Discount Procedures

Before paying for your parking fees, you will need to follow the procedures in order to receive a Shopper's Discount, Low-Emissions Vehicle Discount or a Discount for the Disabled. Please see the "Parking Fees" page for details.

Parking Ticket

Be sure to carry your parking ticket with you after paying in advance. If the gate bar does not open for some reason, you will need to insert your parking ticket into the parking fee payment machine at the gate. You may throw away the parking ticket after you leave the parking gate.

In Case of Accident, Disaster or Theft

In accordance with the Central Japan International Airport General Parking Lot Management Regulations, Central Japan International Airport will not take responsibility for accidents, disasters or theft that occur at our parking lot.

Parking Over 30 Days at Central Japan International Airport

If you will be leaving your valuable vehicle with us for more than 30 days, please be sure to contact the Parking Lot Administration Office in advance. A daily fee of 1,000 yen will be charged if you leave your vehicle for more than 30 days, regardless of whether you have applied with the office in advance.

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