(February 3rd – March 15th)

Fukuyose Hina Project exhibition being held!

February 01, 2021

Fukuyose (good fortune) Hina dolls will be there to welcome everyone at the Chubu Region's gateway to the skies!

The "Fukuyose Hina Project" is holding an event at Centrair right now!
Awaiting you all are Hina dolls arranged in poses that are sure to bring smiles to your faces!
Why not go and see them for yourselves.

■ Exhibition Area
Accessway linking the Departures Lobby, Arrivals Lobby, and Access Lobby.

■ Exhibition Dates
From February 3rd until March 15th.

What is the Fukuyose Hina Project?

It is an initiative that aims to contribute to regional promotion by taking in Hina dolls that families, for one reason or another, have had to let go, and giving them a place where they can shine once again.
These Fukuyose Hina dolls have been tasked with bringing smiles and good fortune to people, taking on poses with humorous, cute expressions that they never have the chance to do normally. In this way, they help out with hospitality and more at various locations.