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Tourist Information

Welcome to Central Japan! Learn all about the many fascinating and enjoyable tourist destinations that are easily accessible from the Central Japan International Airport.

Central Japan has a wealth of tourist destinations to relax, stimulate and satisfy travelers looking to stay from just one night to a month or more. Enjoy steaming hot foot baths. Shop 'till you drop on the tree-lined streets of brightly-lit metropolitan shopping districts. Practice your shuriken skills at target-practice ranges. Marvel at towering snowy peaks. Experience serene roads of ancient pilgrimage through misty forests. Learn more about the heartland of manufacturing and production. Come see for yourself what Central Japan has to offer!

Central Japan International Airport is only about 30 minutes away from Nagoya station by rail; and from Nagoya station, traditional tourist destinations such as Kyoto and Mt. Fuji are easy to access within a matter of a few hours or less. Check out our articles on major tourist destinations in the area, and come enjoy some of the best parts of Japan right here. We await your visit!