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Study Japan’s culture, explore its industries and history, meet its people, and discover the beauty of the four seasons. Travelers can discover the many allures of Japan in one region — Central Japan.

The Secret Life of the Ninja

The Iga area is known as the “Ninja no Sato,” meaning “the Ninja village.” The urban area that has come to prosper as a castle town is home to both the Iga-ryu Ninja Museum and tranquil, graceful Iga Ueno Castle. This is an ideal place for travelers to learn more about the history and culture of the ninja.

Nagoya: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

The Nagoya Station, Sakae and Osu areas are some of Central Japan’s best places for shopping and dining. Each of these compact areas is conveniently located in downtown Nagoya and offers easy access. Visitors can tour around each of these areas to their heart’s content without worrying about travel time.

Exploring the Heart and Soul of the Center of Japan

In Takayama, the rows of antiquated houses almost make this place seem like the land that time forgot. Looking onwards, Gero Onsen (hot springs) is a place where visitors can enjoy Japan’s special brand of hospitality. Both are tourist spots where not only can you enjoy the food, the Japanese culture and the hot springs, but you can experience the warmth of the people of Japan firsthand.

The Majestic Japan Alps

With the colorful changing seasons, the peaks of the northern Japan Alps have soothed and stirred the hearts of many a traveler. Tateyama Kurobe is the ideal place to experience Japan’s four seasons. Why not make a visit to enjoy the scenery and the different seasonal activities?

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  • Tour Aichi's famous castles and Castle towns.
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