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Copyright Terms

The Central Japan International Airport website ( hereinafter called "this website" ) is copyrighted by Central Japan International Airport Co.,Ltd. You may not copy, reproduce, transmit, or sell the information on this website for any purpose without authorization from Central Japan International Airport Co.,Ltd., except in instances permitted by copyright law.

Linking Terms

You may freely link to this website for any non-commercial purpose. We ask that you use the URL of our top page when linking to this website. If you link to us, please contact us through the Contact Us page and provide the specifics.

  1. The address and a description of the website
  2. The name of the individual or company in charge of the website
  3. Your contact information ( your street address, telephone number, and email address )
  4. The date the link is going up
  5. The purpose for the link

We might decline permission to link to us if we determine that any of the following criteria apply to the website requesting the link.

  • The linking site goes against public order and decency.
  • The linking site infringes on the copyrights or other intellectual property of our company or a third party, or has the potential to do so.
  • The linking site infringes on the property, reputation, personal rights, or privacy of our company or a third party, or has the potential to do so.
  • The linking site slanders or defames the character of the products and services of our company or a third party, or has the potential to do so.
  • The linking site displays our website inside a frame.
    ( We insist that our website not be displayed within a frame on another website. If your website uses frames, please set the target attribute of the link to "_blank" or "_top". )

Please be aware that we might revoke or request the deletion of a link due to circumstances that change or become known after the link has been made. The contents of other websites that our website provides links to are the responsibility of those respective website administrators, and our company does not bear any responsibility for the contents of websites to which we link. Furthermore, links made from our website are provided for the purpose of improving the convenience of our website for people who use Central Japan International Airport.

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We recommend the following web browsers to use when viewing this website. This website might be unusable or be displayed incorrectly due to the use of a non-recommended web browser or to the way a recommended browser is configured by the visitor.

• Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.x or higher


This website includes the use of PDF and video content to provide a more pleasant user experience. The following plug-ins may be required. Visitors who do not have them are encouraged to download them.