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Beginning of construction process for the new terminal building

 On May 16th 2018, a Safety Ceremony was held with the airport and the construction company representatives. This ceremony marked the beginning of the construction works for the new terminal in southern part of the Central Japan International Airport Island. The new terminal is planned to be inaugurated on the first half of 2019.

 With the construction of the New Passenger Terminal, Central Japan International Airport wants to respond to the increasingly diversifying needs of the customers that have come along with the further expansion of the aviation network, the environment of incoming demand and, the airline promotion.

 In addition, together with the neighbouring facilities of FLIGHT OF DREAMS and Aichi International Exhibition Center, Central Japan International Airport wants to contribute with the creation of new prospects to the regional development and expansion.

Website dedicated to the new passenger terminal building
 Please visit the following website for more information about the concept, facilities outline and the process of the construction of the new passenger terminal building.

New passenger terminal website: