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Tours from the airport: Chita Cat Omotenashi Tour

Chita Cat Omotenashi Tour offers tours around the Chita Peninsula, where Centrair Chubu International Airport is located. Chita Peninsula has abundant interesting characteristics, delicious local foods, advanced industries including Tokoname ware, one of the oldest pottery schools in Japan, and distinctive temples related to Kobo-Daishi (famous Japanese Buddhist monk).
There is plenty to explore and do in this Peninsula, what are you waiting for?

What makes these tours special?

  • Easy access: All the tours start in the Tourist Information and Service counter located in the arrivals lobby (2nd floor). It is a fun way to spend that time just after your arrival or before your departure.
  • Japanese culture: Tokoname is a traditional city with many wonders waiting to be discovered. From creating your own Japanese traditional ceramics to painting your own lucky cats, passing through experiencing Buddhist practices, these tours are full of experiences!
  • Variety: Chita Cat Tours offers 9 different courses to choose from according to your personal taste. Have a relaxing walking tour or a healthy bike cycle around the touristy stops. Work with your hands or relax taking a enzyme bath.
  • Multiple languages: English, Chinese and Japanese guides available.

  • For more information visit the following link: Chita Cat Omotenashi Tours Website

    Tourist Information and Service Counter Location

    Arrivals Lobby 2nd floor