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Opening day for Terminal 2 (T2) building

  Chubu Centrair International Airport is happy to announce the opening in September 20th 2019 (Fri) of its new terminal building. Following the rapid expansion of the LCC (Low Cost Carrier) business model, the new terminal building design is based on the concepts of “Convenience and functionality”, “Room for expansion” and “Creation of new prospects”.


About Terminal 2
With the opening of the new terminal building, the current terminal building will be renamed as “Terminal 1 (T1)” and the new building will be called “Terminal 2 (T2)”.

The Terminal 2 building is going to be highly convenient thanks to its functional and simple construction and the introduction of the latest equipment in fast travel and smart security. More specifically, an effective quality of the installations is that the Check-in Counters, Security Check Area and Boarding Gates can operate for Domestic or International flights.

In addition, the traveler’s procedure will be reduced and eased thanks to the introduction in the Check-in Counters of the first Self Bag Drop in a LCC terminal in Japan, and the use of the latest security inspection equipment (smart lane, high performance X-ray inspection, etc.).

Access to Terminal 2

More information on Terminal 2
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