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Centrair Global Lounge is now available for Priority Pass members

From May 8th, the Centrair Global Lounge located in the boarding gate Area (Post-Security Screening) will be accessible using Priority Pass.

Priority Pass is a membership service which grants free* access to lounges in over 1,200 airport locations worldwide. Presently, it can be used to access two locations in the Centrair International Airport Boarding Gate Area (Post-Security Screening); the Korean Air KAL lounge and the Star Alliance Lounge.

In the past, there have been times, particularly in the morning, when these lounges were already too full to be used, however the addition of the Global Lounge will increase choice and customers' chance to use the lounges.

Please see the official Priority Pass website for the availability schedule and terms:

* Usage of the Global Lounge is limited to those making international flights.
* The lounge's terms of use are liable to change at any time according to the membership plan.
* The Global Lounge may also at times be too full to accept further entry.