centrair Free WIFI

Terms of Use

Please be aware of the following points when using the free Wi-Fi service (hereafter the Service) provided by Central Japan International Airport Co., Ltd. (hereafter the Airport).

  1. Use of the wireless LAN is free of charge. However, the customer bears responsibility for any fee-based services on the Internet.
  2. There is no encryption between the wireless access point and the customer’s device (computer, smartphone or similar item).
    *Security between users is maintained by prohibiting communication between wirelessly connected devices.
  3. We record and save a user access log. If a user is suspected of having committed a crime, we may provide the access log to the investigating authority.
  4. It may not be possible to use the service depending on device compatibility, system errors or other factors.
  5. The Airport shall bear no responsibility for any damage or loss that arises through the use of the Service.
  6. Please observe the Act on Prohibition of Unauthorized Computer Access when using the Service.
  7. The Service may be stopped without prior warning for maintenance or similar tasks.
  8. The following behavior is prohibited when using the Service.
    • (1) Behavior that will or may infringe upon the privacy rights or any other rights of another user and third parties
    • (2) In addition to the above, behavior that will or may disadvantage or damage other users, third parties, other Central Japan International Airport operations or aircraft operation
    • (3) Slanderous behavior
    • (4) Behavior that is or may be contrary to public order and morals or behavior that provides information contrary to public order and morals
    • (5) Criminal acts or behavior that will or may lead to criminal acts
    • (6) Activities of a sexual, religious or political nature
    • (7) Use of harmful programs such as computer viruses either through the wireless LAN or in connection to it or behavior that provides such programs
    • (8) Behavior in which a large volume of email is sent to a specific or unspecified large number of people for the purpose of mail-order sales, multi-level marketing, business related opportunity related sales or other
    • (9) In addition to each of the above, behavior that will or may violate laws and regulations or behavior determined by the Airport to be inappropriate

If the Airport, the user or a third party is harmed by any acts performed by the user corresponding to any of the above, the user shall bear full legal liability and the Airport shall bear no responsibility at all even at a later date following use of the service.