Hakuba – a Winter Olympics site that enchants serious skiers

Hakuba is one of Japan's most prominent large-scale ski-resort complexes. This location, which in 1998 was the venue for the Winter Olympic Games, boasts a course layout and snow of a quality that are sure to satisfy true skiers – ones who want to enjoy authentic skiing that goes beyond just having fun in the snow. What's more, lift tickets are available that can be used at the area's ten resorts, and purchasers can also take advantage of free shuttle buses connecting them, enabling you to enjoy a rich variety of courses to the fullest.

Making runs this season to this place that continues to captivate skiers is the Jamjam Liner nighttime highway bus from Centrair. Get to Centrair on an afternoon flight, then change at Centrair to a direct bus, and when you wake up you'll be at the ski slopes! Get a morning start for a day full of skiing!

*Jamjam Liner is the product name of highway buses operated by the Jamjam Express Co., Ltd.

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About Hakuba

The outward journey from Chubu Centrair International Airport is by highway bus, and when you open your eyes you'll be at the slopes!
When you go back you can also enjoy seeing the sights in Hakuba and adjacent locales. You could even take an hour-long bus ride to Nagano Station, then transfer the JR Wide-View Shinano train to reach Meitetsu Bus Center in Nagoya in around three hours, and enjoy your fill of trendy hit eel dish hitsumabushi!

A Look at Hakuba Ski Resorts
How to Have Fun in Hakuba

Bus Information

Bus Schedule

Night Bus Daytime Bus   Daytime Bus
JX101 JX103 JX102 JX104
Every day Mon. Wed. Fri. Every day Tue. Thu. Sat.
7:15   Hakuba Coritina 15:00  
6:55 23:20 Tsugaike 15:25 7:00
6:15 23:05 Happo 16:00 7:35
24:00 Nagoya Sta. 21:45
22:30 17:50 Centrair T2   13:25
22:50 18:00 Centrair T1   13:15

Bus Fares

Price *One way per person

■Airport to Hakuba

JX101 (Nighttime): from 4,000 yen
JX103 (Daytime): 4,500 yen

■Hakuba to Nagoya/Airport

JX102 (to Nagoya Sta.): from 4,000 yen
JX104: 4,500 yen

4-seat rows
●JX103 / 104 may use a medium-sized bus depending on the number of passengers. The medium bus does not have a charging outlet or USB port. ●Blankets on loan ●Complimentary disposable slippers and eyemask ●Adjacent seats provided for two-person applications
●Digital engine tachograph installed ●Drive recorder installed

*Buses are staffed by a two-person crew.
*The angle of reclining seats can vary depending on vehicle model.
*Jamjam Liner is the product name of highway buses operated by the Jamjam Express Co., Ltd.

Useful Info

Have fun at the airport while you're waiting for your bus!

Have fun at the airport while you're waiting for your bus!

Inside the airport are a communal bath (entry until 9:00 pm) and an array of restaurants where you can dine on the trendy "Nagoya meshi" local fare that's sweeping Japan. While you're waiting for bus departure time, you can enjoy a pleasant time at Centrair. The Aeon Tokoname shopping mall is also just one train stop from the airport, so there's no shortage of ways to pass the time.

You can bring ski gear aboard your airplane.

You can bring ski gear aboard your airplane.

Some people are sure to want to use their own ski equipment. If you're one of them, you might be wondering whether you can check through large ski gear on your aircraft.
Not to worry! Although some low-cost carriers apply an additional charge, you can check such gear through. The ski resorts also all have a full selection of rental equipment available, so there's no concern!

A Full Selection of Things to See in Nagano and Nagoya after Skiing

A full array of things to see and do after you've skied out Hakuba!
At Hakuba, you can tour the ski jumps used in the Olympics and see snow monkeys soaking in a hidden hot spring in Jigokudani, and the Chubu Centrair International Airport stopover city of Nagoya offers a plethora of sightseeing destinations as well. You can even enjoy Nagoya's famed specialty eel dish of hitsumabushi, whose popularity is sweeping the globe.



Hakuba Ski Jumping Stadium

Hakuba Ski Jumping Stadium

This was used in the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics. Taking the lift located between the normal and large hills brings you to the starting point 140 meters up, enabling to see just what jump competitors do as well as affording a panoramic view of Hakuba's townscape.
You can also visit the start towers and the Olympic gallery!

Jigokudani Yaen-Koen

Jigokudani Yaen-Koen

This destination gives you an up-close look at the only hot spring used by monkeys.
Jigokudani means "Hell Valley," and the place gets its name from its steep cliffs and the steam and vapors spewing from its boiling springs. Even so, this valley is a paradise for monkeys. Groups of untamed Japanese macaques live here in unchanged natural surroundings, and their custom of soaking in the hot springs has earned them the name of "snow monkeys" and enchanted people all around the world.




Among the examples of Nagoya's specialty cuisine, one dish that's enjoying attention among travelers from all around the world is the eel entree of hitsumabushi.
Hitsumabushi comes to the table as chopped grilled eel on a bed of hot rice. The diner first transfers a quarter helping of this to a rice bowl and enjoys it as it is. Then the second quarter is put in the rice bowl and sprinkled with the condiments served with the eel. Broth is poured over the third rice-bowl helping, and the last quarter serving is enjoyed as the diner pleases. Enjoy this special Nagoya style!
Many popular restaurants serving hitsumabushi are found near Nagoya Station, so be sure to give it a try!

Nagoya Castle

Nagoya Castle

Many of Japan's samurai warriors came from Nagoya. Because of this, many castle fortifications are located in the Nagoya area, including Nagoya Castle itself, built by shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. A symbol of the region, the castle features an imposing main tower topped by two famous golden shachi statues of mythical sea creatures.
From May 7, 2018, the Main Castle Tower of Nagoya Castle is closed for wooden reconstruction. The castle grounds and facilities, including the Hommaru Palace, are open during the reconstruction.

More attractive things to see in Nagoya!

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