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Samurai Ninja Project tickets
Access for less with discounted transportation

In Japan's Chubu region, there are various tourist attractions related to samurai and ninjas such as Tsumago, Magome, Matsumoto Castle, and the Iga area.
As the gateway to the Chubu region, we are offering 50% off one-way tickets for transportation access to each tourist attraction related to samurai and ninjas (Iga, Ise, Takayama, Matsumoto, Tsumago, Magome, Koka and Nagoya). As a purchaser bonus, you will also receive coupons that can be used at various attractions in the above regions!

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How to get the benefit


After arriving at Chubu Centrair International Airport, please go to the "Central Japan Travel Center."

Central Japan Travel Center

Terminal 1 on the 2nd-floor Arrivals lobby

More information


Either present your phone with the relevant campaign page screen from JNTO's website, or print out the relevant page, and bring it to the Central Japan Travel Center in the Chubu International Airport arrivals lobby.

So as to verify that you are a foreigner visiting Japan, please present your passport.

JNTO's website


Purchase each of the tickets.You will also receive coupons that can be used at various attractions in each region.

Important Notice

Summary of the terms

  • ・It is open to foreigners visiting Japan.
  • ・During the campaign period, it is only valid one time for each person.
  • ・People with Japanese citizenship cannot participate in this campaign.


  • We are not responsible for any trouble or other allegations that occurs with the participant or between an participant and a third party including any kind of damages, debt, injuries, and costs that occur as a result of participating for or being selected for this campaign. All or some parts of this campaign may be changed or suspended without prior notification to the participants. Additionally, if we deem it necessary, we can change this agreement without prior notice to the participants, and we can take necessary measures so as to maintain proper management of this campaign.
    Please understand that we do not bear any responsibility for delays to this service due to heavy online traffic or issues with the transmission lines, damages that occur as a result of access, registration, or display of this service due to malfunctions, or all things that occur regardless of their cause.
    The participant will bear responsibility for Internet connections fees and postage fees related to participating to this campaign.
    1. 1. The preferential contents of the facility may be changed or suspended without notification to the user.
    2. 2. Access to the facility will require you to move further from the route targeted by the discount of this event. Discounts on parking fees for moving parts and facilities are not applicable.
    3. 3. The event period ends on December 31, 2020. However, if the number of people participating in the event reaches 10,000, it may end halfway. In addition, please note that some facilities offer special offers for a limited time.
    4. 4. Please note that benefits at each facility may not be combined with benefits from other campaigns, etc. other than this campaign.