Tourist Information

There are three tourist information centers in the airport. Please use them as needed.

  • Central Japan Travel Center operates both its travel agency business and tourist information centers in an integrated manner.
  • MEITETSU Tourist Information Center Central Japan International Airport provides information mainly on Nagoya's railroads in foreign languages.
  • Orale Tokoname Tourist Information Center introduces pottery and sightseeing spots in Tokoname City as well as selling boat tickets.
Central Japan Travel Center
Terminal 1 on the 2nd-floor Arrivals lobby
*Travel information and sales: 9:00-19:00
  • Credit cards accepted
  • Ticket sales
    JR ticket, Japan Rail Pass, Kintetsu Rail Pass/Kintetsu Rail Pass PLUS,etc.
    *Nagoya Railroad(Meitetsu) tickets are not available.
    *We can issue JR tickets including the Shinkansen.
    *Some tickets are not available. Please ask the staff for details.
  • Arranging and selling sightseeing tours for foreign visitors to Japan such as JTB SUNRISE TOUR, etc.
  • Tourist information (Certified by JNTO ,Languages Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean)
  • Preparing accommodation
  • Arrangements and sales of tickets and sightseeing tours are available from 9:00–19:00
MEITETSU Tourist Information Center
Next to the ticket gate of Central Japan International Airport Station
10:00-19:00(Open all year round)

Alipay and WeChat Pay are accepted

  • Nagoya Railroad ticket, one-way tickets, μ tickets, etc. are available
  • Providing tourist and traffic information including our company's railways and in the Chubu area tourist information
  • Exchanging Shoryudo Free Bus Ticket and other tickets
  • Providing travel services such as Wi-Fi rental, etc.
Orale Tokoname Tourist Information Center
Access Plaza on the 1st floor
  • Introducing tourist spots in the pottery town of Tokoname
  • Boat race Tokoname ticket sales
  • Tickets purchased at the general counter or elsewhere in Japan can be refunded