Tourist Information

There are four tourist information centers in the airport. Please use them as needed.

  • Central Japan Travel Center operates both its travel agency business and tourist information centers in an integrated manner.
  • Tourist Information Service offers multi-lingual pamphlets for visitors to Japan.
  • MEITETSU Tourist Information Center Central Japan International Airport provides information mainly on Nagoya's railroads in foreign languages.
  • Orale Tokoname Tourist Information Center introduces pottery and sightseeing spots in Tokoname City as well as selling boat tickets.
Central Japan Travel Center
Terminal 1 on the 2nd-floor Arrivals lobby
*Travel information and sales: 9:00-21:00
  • Credit cards accepted (Credit cards are accepted for purchasing Meitetsu tickets. However, please note that it may take some time to process.)
  • Ticket sales
    JR ticket, Japan Rail Pass, Kintetsu Rail Pass/Kintetsu Rail Pass PLUS, Mie Kotsu Bus bound for Kyoto (Yokkaichi area transfer), Enshu Railway Hamanako Rail Pass, Nagoya Railroad, Meitetsu Bus, Chita Noriai, Enshu Railway, Mie Kotsu, Nagoya Municipal Transportation Bureau Magle, Tsu Airport Line Rapid Transit, Kinki Nippon Railway, etc.
    *We can issue JR tickets including the Shinkansen.
    *We handle the tickets to the airport including arrivals and departures from Centrair.
    *Some tickets are not available. Please ask the staff for details.
    *For the ticket purchases by Japanese customers living overseas, please refer to the regulations of each ticket issuing company.
    *The Japan Rail Pass can be purchased from 9:00–20:30.
  • Arranging and selling sightseeing tours for foreign visitors to Japan through groups such as JTB SUNRISE TOUR, EXPERIENCE JAPAN, etc.
  • Tourist information (Japan, UK, China and Korea certified by JNTO)
  • Preparing accommodation
Tourist Information Service
Terminal 1 on the 2nd-floor Arrivals lobby
10:00–15:00 (Open all year round)
*Temporarily closed
  • Tourist information in the Chubu region and sightseeing spot brochures in English, Chinese and Korean are available.
  • Same-day baggage delivery service is available.
  • Multilingual staff (English, Chinese, and Korean) support is available.
MEITETSU Tourist Information Center
Next to the ticket gate of Central Japan International Airport Station
8:30-17:30(Open all year round)

Alipay and WeChat Pay are accepted

  • Nagoya Railroad ticket, one-way tickets, μ tickets, etc. are available
  • Providing tourist and traffic information including our company's railways and in the Chubu area tourist information
  • Exchanging Shoryudo Free Bus Ticket and other tickets
  • Providing travel services such as Wi-Fi rental, etc.
Orale Tokoname Tourist Information Center
Access Plaza on the 1st floor
  • Introducing tourist spots in the pottery town of Tokoname
  • Boat race Tokoname ticket sales
  • Tickets purchased at the general counter or elsewhere in Japan can be refunded