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Bussiness Jet

We have designed Central Japan International Airport to include a full complement of specialized facilities and flight support staff in an initiative to serve business jets in Japan. And because Central Japan International Airport is located in the center of Japan, our airport provides excellent access to Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Toyota. We offer the ultimate in service to ensure pleasant business jet flights.

Why Central Japan International Airport Is Ideal for Business Jet Flights

Our Flexible Airport Services

  • 24-hour airport availability, and immigration services available at any time
  • Flexible slot and apron stand use possible
  • No upper limit on aircraft parking duration

Our Excellent Location

  • Located between North America and Asia, we are an ideal transfer point for intercontinental travel.
  • Located in the center of Japan, we provide excellent access to all Japan’s major cities.


At Central Japan International Airport, our airport staff provides support for hassle-free business jet flights. We offer specialized facilities and services for ensuring comfortable business jet flights.

Hangars & Maintenance

At Central Japan International Airport, we have dedicated business jet hangars available. We also have experienced, permanently stationed mechanics who can provide emergency maintenance services.

Airport Features

Learn about our support structure and the airport facility features, which are available to make your travel easier and enjoyable.

Airport and Hangar Usage Fees

This page provides information on landing fees, facility usage fees, and hangar usage fees charged by Central Japan International Airport when used by business jets.


Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions and inquiries regarding business jets at Central Japan International Airport.

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