About the entry restrictions (Nov 29, 2021)

These are the measures and restrictions against the spread of the COVID infections applied by the government authorities in Japan. We kindly ask all travelers to always refer directly to the Japanese government authorities websites to have the most updated and detailed information about entry restrictions, visa matters and any other topic regarding entry to Japan.

1. About entry restrictions for Non-Japanese citizens

For the most updated and detailed information please visit the following:
Entry Restrictions (Ministry of Foreign Affairs website)

2. Entry Requirements

For the most updated and detailed measurs please visit the following:
Quarantine Measures (Ministry of Foreign Affairs website)

Transportation from the airport:
Requests for travelers arriving on international flights

3. Regarding visas

Some visa validities are suspended for the time being.
About visa suspension (Ministry of Foreign Affairs website)

Visa exemption is temporarily suspended for some countries.
About visa exceptions (Ministry of Foreign Affairs website)

Residence track and Business track visa information.
Phased Measures toward Resuming Cross-Border Travel (Ministry of Foreign Affairs website)

4. Entry of non-Japanese nationals

Non-Japanese nationals with the status of residence or any of the "special circumstances" mentioned in the link below are allowed to entry Japan following the indications provided above.
Detailed cases of special exceptional circumstances (Ministry of Foreign Affairs website)

5. Related Japanese government authorities websites

・Ministry of Foreign Affairs' information on entry restrictions and visa validities.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs website

・Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's information on quarantine policy and general COVID19 status.
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare