Centrair Art Quilt Museum

Open around the end of February for about one year.
1st & 2nd, Terminal 1 Center Pier

The Art Quilt Museum is a permanent exhibition of giant quilts with changing themes, which is held every year since the airport was opened in 2005.
By taking advantage of the large space unique to an airport, it has become a quilt exhibition that attracts attention worldwide. Please enjoy the large quilts where thoughts are put to needle.

2020 Theme
16th Centrair Art Quilt Museum 2020 “Unparalleled Beautiful Views In The World” Quilt Exhibition

To welcome the 16th year of this event, we will decorate Terminal 1 with 19 giant quilts, 2.5m x 2m in size, that will stay there over the year.
The theme is “Unparalleled Beautiful Views In The World,” with discoveries that surprise and move you with their beauty and magnificence.

■Dates: February 27, 2020 to February, 2022 (projected)
■Exhibition Location: Terminal 1 Center Pier Garden 1st & 2nd Floors
■Organized by: Central Japan International Airport Company, Ltd.
■Special Cooperation with: Brother Sales, Ltd.
■Works Exhibited: 19 works


Past years exhibition themes are on display here as well.

Previous Themes

2019's Theme: Japanese Tradition

Quilters from all over the country said: "We would like add our personal Japanese-touch to quilting." With such feelings in mind, they designed and sewed their quilts in various ways.


2018's Theme, Where we'd like to travel in the world.

Is there a country you'd like to travel to?
The quilters expressed their longing for where they would like to travel and then let these creatively expressive works take viewers on a journey around the world.


2017's Theme, Japanese Festivals

Japan's mountain, boat, and food stall events are registered on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage lists and attract attention both at home and abroad.
The quilters used unique quilts to express various Japanese festivals so that foreign tourists who have arrived in Centrair can be greeted by unknown Japanese festivals to create wonderful memories.