Centrair Sky Illumination

Yearly from November until March
Terminal 1, 4th floor, Sky Deck

Since the airport's opening in 2005, the observation deck, Sky Deck, has been used for winter lights displays.
A combination of lights are used to illuminate the airplanes and landing strip, with plans that are improved upon yearly. You can see beautiful night scenery that can only be enjoyed at Centrair.

Past Events

Centrair Lights Decoration 2019 - Shimmering Lanterns Nights

Centrair's annual lighting display is back again this year. The theme for this year is "Shimmering Lanterns", and there will be lanterns hung from the 4th floor Sky Town to the Sky Deck. There will also be a gorgeous Lantern Tree on display as well out on the Sky Deck, which is sure to make your evening walk along the Sky Deck and beautiful and peaceful one.

Centrair Sky Illumination 2018 - Temple of Light

At beautiful temple of light greets you at Centrair Sky Illumination. At the end of the transept is the Temple of Light, where you can see an illuminated chandelier.

Centrair Sky Illumination 2017 - Cathedral Bells

The overlapping lights of the transept arches make the cathedral shine, creating a different atmosphere at night.

2016 Centrair Sky Illumination - around the world

Your journey to the sky starts at Centrair.