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Central Japan International Airport Activities

Aiming to Provide the World's Best Customer Satisfaction

At Central Japan International Airport, we are endeavoring to increase customer satisfaction awareness among all airport personnel by developing customer satisfaction training campaigns through our Customer Satisfaction Airport Liaison Committee, an organization associated with the airport. Find out more about our customer satisfaction system and our track record.

ASQ Awards

The results of a 2012 ASQ (Airport Service Quality) assessment of customer service by the Airports Council International showed that Central Japan International Airport was ranked first in its size class.

Central Japan International Airport's Universal Design

The layout of Central Japan International Airport's facilities was determined by taking the principles of universal design into account, to facilitate the comfortable and hassle-free use of airport facilities by all visitors. Have a look at some examples of universal design in action at Central Japan International Airport.

Volunteer Activities

Local residents work as volunteers as guides for field trips and airport facilities, helping Central Japan International Airport provide warm and friendly hospitality to our visitors. Volunteers are on duty at the Passenger Terminal Building and the Access Plaza, so please don't hesitate to ask them for assistance.

Environmental Activities

Central Japan International Airport is aspiring to become an environmentally advanced airport. From the basic concept stage to the planning and construction stage, and even leading up to today's administration stage, we are making efforts towards decreasing the burden on the environment. Furthermore, we are monitoring the current state of the environment surrounding the airport.

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