Notice from Animal Quarantine Service and Plant Protection Station

About overseas meat products, fruits and vegetables

February 27, 2019

Due to the introduction in Japan of infectious diseases of livestock and pests of plants from abroad that can cause damage to Japan's agriculture and livestock industry, the measures against the illegal introduction of plants and meat products have been tighten at the airport.

About plant quarantine system (from Plant Protection Station Homepage)

According to the Plant Protection Act, in order to bring a plant into Japan, it is necessary to carry out an import inspection with the inspection certificate (Phytosanitary Certificate) issued by the government agency of the exporting country attached.

To prevent the spread of infectious diseases of livestock (from Animal Quarantine Service Homepage)

Due to infectious diseases coming from abroad causing enormous damage to the domestic livestock, the penalty for violation against the Act on Domestic Animal Infections Diseases Control will be applied more stringently for the introduction of any meat products. As we are taking these measures to ensure safety, we thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

In addition, when traveling to a country or region where a malignancy disease of livestock has occurred, please cooperate to avoid visiting livestock related facilities, such as live bird markets, and avoid any contact with livestock.