International Flights

Carry-on restrictions for liquids

October 28, 2015

To All Passengers on International Flights

Since Thursday, March 1, 2007, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has imposed the following restrictions on carrying liquids aboard airplanes on international flights departing from Central Japan International Airport, with the exception of items purchased in the Duty-Free Shops or elsewhere after completing immigration.
Please follow the link below for more information on carry-on requirements.

Liquids purchased at the Duty-Free Shops or elsewhere after completing immigration may be brought aboard airplanes regardless of these restrictions.
* Passengers with connecting flights bound for countries in Europe, North America, or elsewhere that have restrictions on carry-on liquids should discard them when making connections if they are unable to access their checked baggage in order to pack the liquid in a suitcase at the airport where the connection is made. For more information, please contact your airline.

Pack the above items in your suitcases or other checked baggage after confirming with your airline when coming to Japan.
Please be aware that some fragile items cannot be checked in.