Tigerair Taiwan Airlines moves operations to Terminal 2

October 23, 2019

Tigerair Taiwan Airlines will be operating from Terminal 2

From Sunday, December 1st 2019, the low cost carrier (LCC) Tigerair Taiwan Airlines (TTW/IT)will move from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2. Following this move, flights to Taipei and Kaohsiung will now operate from Terminal 2.

Flights to Taipei (10/27/2019 - 3/28/2020)

IT207 Nagoya 13:15 → Taipei 15:50 (operates Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays)
IT207 Nagoya 13:15 → Taipei 15:45 (operates Mondays)
IT206 Taipei 8:45 → Nagoya 12:25 (operates Monday-Wednesday, then Fridays and Saturdays)

Flights to Kaohsiung (10/27/2019 - 3/28/2020)

IT269 Nagoya 18:15 → Kaoshiung 21:10 (operates Wednesdays and Saturdays)
IT268 Kaoshiung 12:25 → Nagoya 17:25 (operates Wednesdays and Saturdays)
Chubu International Airport Terminal 2 opened as a terminal specifically for LCCs on September 20th. It is located on the south side of Terminal 1, within a 9 minute walk. It is a 7 minute walk from the Access Plaza, where train station and highspeed boat deck are located. Customers who have a connecting flight should make sure to leave enough time for transit. For further details, please visit the following websites: