(Updated December 2)

Notice regarding the event cancellations and changes

February 05, 2021

About the event cancellations and changes

Following the current measures for the prevention of infectious diseases this event has unfortunately been cancelled. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask for you understanding.

Cancelled Events

  • Centrair Sweet Chorus Festival
  • CHITA CAT Project: Tokoname Owarai Expo (Comedy Expo) in the Chita peninsula
  • Sky Hula Hawaii 2020 in Centrair(February 22 - 24)
  • Kaori Mizumori's Mini-Stage Handshake Event & 2-Shot Photography Event(March 7)
  • Evangelion Artwork Selection (Evangelion Chukyo Area Project)
  • Evangelion Original Goods (Evangelion Chukyo Area Project)

Events with changes

  • Quilt & Craft Fair 2020(February 27 - March 2)