Last update: September 29

Regarding the operating changes in Terminal 1 and 2 and other facilities

October 01, 2021

Due to the COVID-19 effects Terminal 1's operating hours will be temporarily shortened. In addition, due to the suspension of flights Terminal 2 is going to be temporarily closed from April 10.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and appreciate your understanding.

Regarding the change in Terminal 1 operating hours

Following the strengthened measures for the novel coronavirus, the operating hours of Terminal 1 will be changed as indicated below.
Period: From October 1, 2021

Operating Hours:
・Sky Deck 4F   7:00- 21:00
・Sky Town 4F   6:00-21:30
・Departures Lobby 3F 4:40-21:30
International Departures Area 3F Depending of flight schedule, closed when no flights
・Arrivals Lobby 2F 24h
・Welcome Garden 1F 24h
・Access Plaza 24h

Regarding the change in Terminal 2 operating hours

Due to the effects of Novel Coronavirus Terminal 2's operating hours will be shortened.

・From September 7

Regarding the reopening of FLIGHT PARK and SEATTLE TERRACE

FLIGHT OF DREAMS is reopening from June 12, after being closed following the measures against the novel coronavirus.


Renewal works will begin on Thursday, April 1st.
Please note that entry to the area would not be allowed during the renewal works.
Renewal works period: From April 1 (Thursday) until reopening.
*Reopening date will be announced in the future.

Regarding the store's change of business hours

In addition, some facilities and stores have changed their business hours or have temporarily closed.
Please note that a part of the facilities such as some toilets and smoking rooms will be unavailable temporarily.

How to check which stores are open