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For Disabled People


Multipurpose restrooms are located adjacent to each restroom, providing stress-free access even with carts, electric-powered wheelchairs, or stretchers. These facilities also have adult beds and can accommodate users with ostomy bags.

The toilet stalls are wider than ordinary stalls, allowing you to bring your suitcase in as well. The restrooms are designed for travelers with non-electric wheelchairs to use as well.



Wheelchairs can be used in all elevators. Our facilities have been designed not only for wheelchair access, but for those with visual or hearing impairments.

The large-size elevators include doors that open wide and provide visibility from the outside; and the elevator cars have been designed to allow wheelchair users to pass through without turning around. Textured paving blocks are available in front of the buttons on the entrance, with braille characters written on the large embossed pushbuttons. Voice guidance is provided in the elevators, and the necessary information is displayed on the floor number display panel in an emergency.

Guiding Blocks/Slopes

Lower and higher areas are connected by easy slopes, providing barrier-free access to the entire airport.
Textured paving blocks are also used to connect each mode of transportation and the nearest information. Textured paving blocks that indicate cautions and location are situated in front of areas that vary in height (such as steps), elevator call buttons, restroom tactile guide maps, and next to the toilet handrails.

Assistance for Elderly and Disabled People

We accept reservations for passengers who will be flying out of Central Japan International Airport that require special assistance. Contact the Centrair Telephone Center for details.

If you have any special needs, please do not hesitate to contact one of our nearby staff.

(Centrair Telephone Center)
TEL: +81-569-38-1195

Drink Vending Machines

Drink vending machines that are easily accessible even for those in wheelchairs are available.

Parking Spaces for Disabled People

Parking spaces for people with disabilities are located near the elevator hall in the first floor of each section (except for sections K and L, where they are on the fourth floor) of both P1 and P2 multi-level parking structures. The single-level parking lot has a connecting passage to the elevator hall with a roof.
Please use the intercom at the entrance gate or in the parking lot if you wish to use a parking space, and you will be directed to an open space.

See Parking Lot Details

Parking Spaces for the Disabled