"Centrair OISHII Premium Selection“ Offers high quality fresh Japanese products for passengers departing Centrair to fly overseas.

What is Centrair OISHII Premium Selection?

Centrair OISHII Premium Selection is a Centrair original brand created to introduce Japan's most excellent food produts to international travelers.
The brand name combines the Japanese word "oishii", meaning "delicious", that has become internationally known in recent years due to the Japanese cuisine boom, with the phrase "premium selection," which means that we select only the best products.

  • * Some products might not be allowed for import depending the country of destination.

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International departures after security check


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Some products are available for customers to see and select before buying. Our staff will provide information concerning eligible countries for food imports so that our customers can make their purchases with peace of mind.

* Only passengers departing from Centrair to countries allowing the import of the product are elegible.

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Please Notice the followingAttention

  • This service can only be used by customers flying directly to an elegible country, or through a connecting flight with no disembarkation until the elegible country.
  • In the case of a connecting flights, the passengers must not enter the connecting country, or, if they do, must not open the product's seal while there.
  • Please follow all local rules concerning the carrying of items in your connecting country.
  • About maximum purchasable items: The purchase quantity must be within the guidelines set by the airline the passenger is flying with.

Reservation and Pick-up serviceReserve

Please use the contact information below to inquire about product reservation.

【Centrair OISHII Premium Selection】