WORLD AIRPORT AWARDS 2022 Centrair was selected as the world's Best Regional Airport by the World Airport Survey.

World Airport Awards 2022


centrair ceo

Riki Inuzuka, President and CEO
Central Japan International Airport Co.,Ltd.

Message from the CEO
In order to fulfill our social responsibility, Centrair has taken various initiatives, including infection prevention measures, with the understanding and cooperation of our airport customers, in order to remain a safe location during the COVID-19 pandemic of almost two years. Last year and this year, at the height of the Covid-19 outbreak, the work environment was extremely difficult for all staff at Centrair, but being selected as the number one regional airport in the world shows recognition of our services by customers who used the airport despite such intense circumstances. We are deeply moved by this and would like to express our earnest gratitude to our customers and especially those of you in our community, who have continued to support Centrair during trying times.
All members of our wonderful Team Centrair will continue to strive to provide quality services, hoping to impress you, our customers, even further, in the field of aircraft operations, at information centers and check-in counters, in stores, for our cleaning services, and in security and safety as well. Thank you.

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The World's Best Regional Airports

*The number in( )is last year's rating.

1st Chubu Centrair Airport Nagoya / Japan(1)
2nd Dusseldorf / Germany(5)
3rd Haikou Meilan / China(4)

Best Regional Airports in Asia

*The number in( )is last year's rating.

1st Chubu Centrair Airport Nagoya / Japan(1)
2nd Haikou Meilan / China(3)
3rd Fukuoka / Japan(2)

The World's Top 10 Airports 2022

The world's Top 10 Airports of 2022, as nominated by air travellers from across the world during the 2021-2022 World Airport Survey. *The number in( )last year's rating.

1st Doha Hamad / Qatar(1)
2nd Tokyo Haneda / Japan(2)
3rd Changi Airport / Singapore(3)
4th Tokyo Narita / Japan(5)
5th Seoul Incheon / South Korea(4)
6th Paris CDG / France(15)
7th Munich / Germany(6)
8th Istanbul / Turkey(17)
9th Zurich / Switzerland(7)
10th Kansai / Japan(9)


12th Chubu Centrair Airport Nagoya / Japan(11)