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Parking Fees

Parking Fee Chart

Vehicle Type
Standard-Size Vehicles
P1 P2 P3
(vehicle height: 2.5 m or less*1 )
Large-Sized Vehicles
P2 M
P3 S(Outdoor)
(vehicle height: over 2.5 m*1 )
Regular Fees

300 yen
(30 minutes or less is free)

1,000 yen
(30 minutes or less is free)
100 yen
(30 minutes or less is free)
Maximum Fees(all-day)
Daily(every 24 hours)

Maximum: 1,500 yen

Maximum: 5,000 yen
Maximum:500 yen
From 5 -
30 days

Timed flat rate 7,500 yen

Timed flat rate 25,000 yen
Timed flat rate
2,500 yen
After 30 days*3

Additional 1,000 yen/day

Additional 5,000 yen/day
500 yen/day
Reservation Fee
(when using the reserved parking lot)

1,000 yen
Free for Centrair card members*4

Reservation unavailable
Reservation unavailable

Temporary Parking when P1, P2, and P3 are full is available for up to 24 hours for ¥500.

*1:Multi-level parking may be used only by vehicles that are 2.1 m or less in height. Please use the P2 M single-level parking or the P3 outdoor parking lot if your vehicle is higher than 2.1 m.
Minibus-size and smaller vehicles may park in the P3 outdoor parking lot.
The flat rate for large-sized vehicles applies to vehicles that are higher than 2.5 m (including vehicle load and accessories).

*2: Motorcycles must be parked in the motorcycle parking lot near the P1 entrance.

*3: Please apply with the Parking Lot Administration Office if you will be leaving your vehicle in the lot for longer than 30 days.

*4: Free reservations are available only for customers paying for their parking fees with a Centrair card.

Discounts on Long-Term Parking Available at Central Japan International Airport!

Parking Fees: Examples

Useful Discount System

A parking ticket is required to receive the discounts. Please follow the necessary procedures at the Access Plaza Information Counter before paying for your parking fees (Centrair card members excepted). Multiple parking discounts can be applied together, but each discount can only be used once.

Type Applies To Discount Details Procedure
Shopper's Discount
(for participating shops only)
Customers who spend 5,000 yen or more at shops in Central Japan International Airport Submit your receipt on the day after you arrive to receive a 600 yen discount Bring your parking ticket and receipts from Central Japan International Airport shops equal or greater to 5,000 yen in value to the Access Plaza Information Counter*1 before paying for your parking fees.
Centrair Card
Members Discount
Credit card payment using a Centrair card On payment, receive a 300 yen discount When you use your Centrair card to make a credit purchase, the parking fee discount will automatically be applied when paying.
Vehicle Discount
Customers driving one of the following vehicles*2:
(1) Hybrid automobile
(2) Electric-powered automobile
(3) Natural gas-powered automobile
(4) Methanol-powered automobile
Submit your vehicle inspection certificate ("shaken-sho") for a 300 yen discount Bring your parking ticket and vehicle inspection certificate ("shaken-sho") to the Access Plaza Information Counter*1 before paying for your parking fees.
Discount for
the Disabled
(large-sized vehicles and vehicles used as part of sales activities excepted)
Customers who submit one of the following handbooks:
(1) Handbook for the Disabled
(2) Handicapped Child (Protection) Handbook
(3) Disabled Veteran's Handbook
(4) Atomic Bomb Survivor's Handbook
(5) Health and Welfare Handbook for the Mentally-Handicapped
Submit the handbook for a half-price discount Bring your parking ticket and handbook to the Access Plaza Information Counter*1 before paying for your parking fees.

*1: The Access Plaza Information Counter is open from 6:40 to 22:30.
Customers who wish to undergo the procedures to receive a Shopper's Discount, a Low-Emissions Vehicle Discount or a Discount for the Disabled outside of the above hours can come to the Parking Lot Administration Office below the tourist bus stop stairs in the Access Plaza.

*2: Low fuel-economy and approved low-exhaust emissions gasoline vehicles that are part of the eco-car reduced tax program are not eligible for discounts. We ask for your understanding.

*3: We will provide you with a "low-emissions vehicle discount certificate" (valid for one year) if you show your vehicle inspection certificate ("shaken-sho"). You will need to show your vehicle inspection certificate ("shaken-sho") again after the period of validity has expired.

Paying Your Parking Fees

Paying in Advance

You can use the parking prepay machines located in the Access Plaza, P1 section A, and P3 section S to pay in advance.
(You can also pay at the exit gate; but we recommend that you pay in advance.)
*You must leave the parking lot within 30 minutes after paying in advance. After 30 minutes have expired, your vehicle will be charged again for parking fees as a newly-entered vehicle.

How to Insert Your Discount Service Ticket in Order (If You Have One)

Before paying your parking fees, insert your discount service ticket (if you have one).

Vehicle Number Authorization System

The Central Japan International Airport parking lot features a vehicle number authorization system, which allows for smooth exits and helps to ensure the safety of our customers. If you have already paid in advance, you only need to stop your vehicle at the exit gate and wait for the gate bar to open automatically in order to exit.

*Be sure to stop in front of the exit gate. After stopping at the exit gate, make sure that the gate bar has opened, and drive safely as you leave. When following another car out of the parking lot, be careful to avoid collisions or scrapes due to sudden braking or merging lanes.

*Be sure to carry your parking ticket with you after paying in advance. If the gate bar does not open for some reason, you will need to insert your parking ticket into the parking fee payment machine at the gate.

What If I've Lost My Parking Ticket?

We ask that you take care not to lose your parking ticket. If you do lose it, please contact the number shown below.

Parking Lot Contact Information

Centrair Telephone Center

TEL: +81-569-38-1195
Hours of operation: 6:40 - 22:00, open 365 days a year

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