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Parking Reservations

We encourage you to use our parking reservation system to secure a parking space during Golden Week (around the first part of May), summer vacation and the New Year's holiday season in Japan.
The reserved parking spaces are the closest parking spaces to the Terminal Building.


Making a Reservation
By website or telephone
Reservation Fees
1,000 yen per reservation, regardless of how many days you will park.
Reservation fees are free for customers who use their Centrair card when paying for parking fees.
When Reservations Can Be Made
From 12 weeks before the use start date
Reservation Changes/Cancellations
Until the reservation date

Making a Reservation

By Website (open 24 hours a day)

Reservations made via website include preregistration and the final reservation. Your reservation is not yet complete at the time of preregistration. Follow the procedure to complete your reservation within 24 hours.

Click on the link below if you need to change the details of your reservation after you have made it.

  • By Telephone

    Please contact the Parking Lot Administration Office. Reservations can be made easily with just one call. Contact the office if you need to change the details of your reservation after you have made it.

    Parking Lot Administration Office, Central Japan International Airport Co.,Ltd.

    TEL: +81-569-38-7779(Japanese only)
    Hours of operation: everyday from 09:00-17:00

Procedure for Entering the Parking Lot

Insert the parking ticket that you received at the parking lot entrance into the reserved parking gate, located in front of the reserved parking lot. Your vehicle identification number will be checked and the gate will open.

*If you do not enter the parking lot on the day you reserved, your reservation will be canceled.

Please see the information below for details on how to access the parking lot.

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