Introducing the highway bus
: the most reasonable and quickest way to get from Centrair to Takayama.

Access to Takayama

The simplest transfer! Chubu Centrair International Airport :Centrair Limousine 78 minutes/1,200 yen -> Nagoya (Departure and Arrival at Meitetsu Bus Center. Easy to transfer!) Highway Bus 165 minutes/2,980 yen -> Hida Takayama / Avoid the crowds! Chubu Centrair International Airport : Nagoya Railroad μ-sky 28 minutes/1,230 yen -> Nagoya -> JR Limited Express Hida 135 minutes/5,830 yen -> Hida Takayama / Starting at 3,700 yen! Chubu Centrair International Airport : Nagoya Railroad μ-sky 57 minutes/1,700 yen -> Gifu -> Highway Bus 120 minutes/2,570 yen -> Hida Takayama

Access Shirakawa-go easily by bus!

  • Highway Bus Takayama -> Shirakawa-go 50 minutes/2,470 yen

Discount tickets also available!

  • Transfer tickets Centrair -> Gifu -> Takayama (3,700 yen)Ride the express train from Centrair to Gifu Station, and transfer to the highway bus to Takayama.
    This ticket is recommended to travelers who prefer to avoid crowds and arrive at Takayama on the same day you arrive at Centrair. The price is also very reasonable!
    Transfer Tickets
  • JR Hida Route, Free Ticket (12,140 yen)An economical ticket; a set of 3 tickets for the round trip from Nagoya to Hida/Takayama region, plus an open ticket for the JR lines in the Hida/Takayama regions, plus a bus ticket to either Shirakawago or Okuhida. You can choose to take the taxi instead of using it as a bus ticket.
    The tickets are recommended to travelers who are interested in visiting many places in the area.
    JR Hida Route, Free Ticket (Japanese only)

A Round Tour Ticket for Foreign Visitors

You have to purchase these tickets before flying over, since they are not available in Japan.

  • SHORYUDO Bus Pass-Takayama Shirakawa-go Kanazawa Course- (7,500 yen)This ticket is valid for 3 whole days, and is only available to foreigners. You can ride the highway bus connecting Centrair with 7 different routes (Nagoya/Gifu/Takayama/Shirakawago/Kanazawa/Toyama).
    This ticket is best for travelers who wish to look around the Chubu region within a short period of time.
    Meitetsu World Travel
  • JR Takayama Hokuriku Area Tourist Pass (14,000 yen):
      * April, 1~ You can purchase the tickets after arrival (15,000 yen)
    This ticket is valid for 5 days, and is only available to foreigners. With this ticket, you can ride around the area (including Nagoya) without any limits.
    In addition, to travelers who wish to visit the Gero Onsen, Takayama, Shirakawago, Kanazawa, Fukui, Toyama, and other areas within the Chubu region by train, this ticket will be a good choice. You can also ride the bullet train between the Toyama and Kanazawa sections.
    Tourist Pass

If you are staying over in the central area of Nagoya,
we recommend you to take the Centrair Limousine!

14 routes/day. 1 bus per hour. No Reservation Necessary. No transfer needed to get to the Meitetsu Bus Center

Time: 78minutes
Fee (One way) : Adult1,200yen/ Children 600 yen

08:40 Singapore Airlines,
SQ672 Arrival
Departure 09:15 - Arrival 10:33 Departing from Centrair
-> Arriving at Nagoya Meitetsu Bus Center
Departure 11:30 - Arrival 14:15 Departing from Meitetsu Bus Center
-> Arriving at Takayama
* The required times are estimates and assume a standard situation. There may be delays caused by highway construction work, snow, and traffic congestion.
Link to Centrair Limousine