Parking Reservations

At Centrair we have a convenient parking reservation service. Reservations can be made starting 12 weeks before your arrival date.

Reservation Application

You can reserve online.

*When making a reservation please provide your desired length of use, name, license plate number, e-mail address (for Internet reservations).

How to Make a Reservation Internet
* The parking phone reservation service discontinued on March 31, 2021.
New parking reservations from April 1st will be handled through the parking reservation website (Japanese only). Thank you for using the phone reservation service.
Reservation Fee

There is a base one-time fee of ¥1,000 regardless of your reservation length.Other parking charges may apply.
Parking Fees

Restrictions on Vehicle Size for Reservations Reservations are restricted to vehicles within the following dimensions, 2.1m high and 2.2m wide. (including loads and attachments)
Parking Area (Reservation Building) The main area is the P1 parking area in G or E building. In busy periods it may be changed to a different building in the P1 area, or to P2 parking area in H or K building. Parking spaces are assigned and cannot be chosen.
Reservation Reception Reservations can be made stating 12 weeks before your arrival date.
Reservation Changes & Cancellations Changes and Cancellations can be made until the day prior to your arrival.

*Reservations exceeding 30 days cannot be made.

Internet Reservations (Available 24 hours)

1. Select date

Select which space you require (Regular/Disabled) then select your start and end dates.
You may reserve 12 weeks in advance (84 days).
All users must agree to the terms of service and rules of use.

2. Enter personal information

Input your contact information as well as vehicle information.

3. Confirm reservation

Double-check and confirm the details of your reservation.

4. Receive tentative confirmation

Please wait for your reservation confirmation to be sent.
Making the final confirmation using the URL included in the confirmation e-mail.
Your reservation is not completed at the time of tentative reservation. Complete the reservation process within 24 hours.

5. Receive final confirmation

A completed reservation confirmation e-mail will be sent.
You will need your reservation number to access the gate you have been assigned. Do not misplace it.


Park in your reserved space.

Reservation Application, Changes, and Cancellations

Reception: Open 24 hours (No Holidays)

Arrival Procedures

Please park in your assigned building according to the procedures below.

1. Parking Entrance

Vehicle licenses are automatically detected when parking tickets are issued.

  • *If you reserved parking for persons with a disability, please inform the staff using the intercom.
  • *As a rule, please use the P1 parking lot. In crowded seasons, you may be asked to enter the P2 parking lot. On the day, please be pay attention to the signboard situated in front of the P1 entrance.

2. Entering your Reserved Building.

Please use the reservation gate and insert your parking ticket. The reservation gate is immediately on the right-hand side of G building in the P1 parking area.
It will automatically confirm your reservation information and license plate number. Once confirmed the gate will open and you can enter.

  • *In case your license number is not recognized, or your reservation information does not match, the gate will not open. Please input the number you received when making your reservation.
  • *In case of the usual parking lot is full and you were assigned a P2 parking spot, use the temporary manned reservation gate located in the P2 parking area H, J, or K buildings.

3. Park in your Reserved Space

Please follow the instructions and park in an open space in the reservation wing.

  • *If you do not park on the assigned start date your reservation will be canceled.
  • *Please pay your reservation fee and parking fee together at the parking payment machines.

Please check the following page for information on parking.

Parking Area Map