For Tour Guides and Drivers

Riding the bus

The procedures for taking a chartered bus differ between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

For Terminal 1

After confirming that all the passengers are waiting in access plaza, please contact directly the bus crew to make arrangements such as dispatch confirmation.
Then proceed to the chartered bus pick-up zone and wait for the bus to arrive.
Please check the Aichi Bus Association site for the detailed procedure of Terminal 1.

For Terminal 2

As you will be boarding in the bus pool of Terminal 2, please contact the bus crew in the bus pool directly after confirming that all the travelers are ready.

Aichi Bus Association

Using the Private Parking Lot

If you come by chartered bus, you can use the bus drop-off zone on the first floor of the Terminal building. Please use the bus parking lot for parking. Please note that you can not board from the front of the terminal, so be sure to use the group bus platform.