Shopping & Product Events

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Terminal 1, 4th floor, Event Plaza

Unique product exhibitions are held at Centrair, focusing on local products.
In addition to local confectioneries, sweets, pickles, miso, local sake, fresh vegetables, and other foods, we have a selection of traditional Japanese handicrafts.

Event Highlights

From long-time favorites to new items, Centrair hosts special events regularly.
* Please be advised, items available may vary.

Destination Fair (February)

From Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa from the south, we have gathered delicious food from destinations all over the country that Centrair services. In addition to enjoying product exhibitions, at each store in the airport you can enjoy food and goods that are named after the many destinations.

Okinawan Fair (May)

Tropical Okinawan food such as pineapple, mango soft-serve ice cream, and purple yam tarts. Ryukyu fried chicken was also introduced in 2018. You'll also find Orion beer on-tap along with aged sake. It's the perfect way to enjoy Okinawan cuisine.

Summertime Winter Wonderland (August)

2018 marks Centrair's tenth annual "Delicious Hokkaido" event. Taste specially-selected items from Hokkaido such as melon milk shaved ice, soft-serve ice cream made from fresh milk, Furano Hot Dogs, fermented butter, seafood lunch boxes, and roast beef & crab.

Christmas Market (November–December)

The 2018 Christmas Market was Belgian and Finnish themed. Enjoy authentic Belgian Christmas market favorites such as Belgian waffles, mulled wines and from Finland, luxury items, Moomin merchandise, and more! Get yourself in the mood for Christmas!