Segway Guided Tours

Take a ride on a Segway and see the Terminal building, Sky Deck, and the outdoor Centrair Garden on our newly opened Segway Guided Tour in Centrair, it's so easy anyone can operate it!

Course Information

Centrair Garden (Outdoor) Course

Head from the ground floor of Terminal 1 to the outside and drive through the lush Centrair Garden. On this course, you can enjoy a sense of speed while getting a feeling of the four seasons outdoors.

Passenger Terminal Course

Go through the check-in counter on the 1st floor of Terminal 1, and go to the Sky Deck via the indoor Center Pier Garden. The outdoor deck has a total length of 300m and gives you a glimpse of international airplanes flying right in-front-of you. The course is appealing for its varied views and rich content.

Port View (Indoor) Course

Starting at the departures lobby on the third floor of Terminal 1, this course travels back and forth across the wide slope connecting Terminal 1 and Access Plaza. You can experience the impressive abilities of the Segway that normally can't be seen when traveling on flatland. As the entire course is indoors, you can enjoy it even in rainy weather.

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Zip around on a Segway

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Segway Guided Tours