Sky Deck

Terminal 1, 4th Floor, Sky Deck

300m to the runway

There is no other observation deck in Japan that brings you as close to the runway as here.
You can watch various service vehicles and mechanics perform their duties,
or observe airplanes as they approach the runway until the moment that they float into the air, all right before your eyes.

The scenery changes from moment to moment and
you will be moved every time you visit.

From the bright morning sun glimmering off the hulls of the airplanes,
to the setting sun as it rests over the bay of Ise,
culminating in a beautiful night scene of blue and green gemstones.
The expression changes with the time of day,
leaving a new impression every time you visit.

Check the Dreamlifter commentary and the tail wing marks.

Centrair is one of the few places in the world where visitors can see the extremely rare Dreamlifter. It is often loaded with parts used in building Boeing 787 planes. For visitors who are interested in an explanation is available on the international side. There is also an exhibit featuring the tail wing marks of various airlines. Imagine traveling to various countries around the world as you watch the tail of the airplanes.

The Sky Deck has a list of tail marks so you can check which airline is which. Please take a peek.

Small children can also enjoy themselves! Fu no Viewpoint

Weather permitting, you can see Ise Shima clearly on the other side and from the Sky Deck, you can also observe large cargo ships moving around Nagoya Port. We have improved a section of the handrails and created the areas known as a Fu no Viewpoint, so that even small children and people in wheelchairs can enjoy the wonderful view. There are eight locations on the sky deck.