Observation Deck "Sky Deck"

The rooftop of Terminal 1 Center Pier, which protrudes toward the runway, is a 300-meter long outdoor deck covered in wood.

The Observation Deck has been praised for being the closest place travellers can observe airplanes in Japan. The farthest end of the Observation Deck is only 300m from the runway and just 50m from the taxiway that airplanes take when moving to or from the runway.

Observation Deck Information

When the weather is clear, the opposing shoreline of Mie prefecture can be seen, as well as ships sailing to and from the Nagoya Port. It is especially beautiful at dusk, when the airplanes take off and land framed by the sunset in Ise Bay. It is a sight that can only be seen at Central Japan International Airport.

At night, the aeronautical ground lights studding the runway create an air of fantasy. Regardless of time or situation, you can enjoy the Observation Deck.

Hours Open



Please note that usage may be restricted during strong winds or adverse weather conditions.

Please note the following

Centrair Observation Deck is used by many customers who observe the aircrafts or see someone off. In order to maintain a safe and pleasant environment, we would like you to understand the following when taking photos or videos in our observation deck.

In addition, there might be cases that are not described below when our staff might call your attention if they find some risk to the aircraft and our customers, or cause disturbances to others. We hope you understand.

About the wire fence

  • Centrair does not prohibit shooting with a lens in between the wire fence as long as it does not affect aviation security and the facilities (wire fence).
  • However, please refrain from using large-diameter lenses, and holding the wire fences together with a clothespin, as these actions might stretch out the wire, cause it to break or even cause injuries.
  • *At Centrair, we considered using a wire mesh for our fence but that would have made it difficult for aviation fans to take photos. Since we wanted to make good use of our observation deck while still protecting the flights' safety, we have used a wire fence in order for our customers to be able to enjoy to the fullest.

    About tripod use

  • In Centrair, you can use a tripod for general shooting purposes. However, please be careful not to inconvenience other customers when doing so.
  • Please refrain from using a tripod when it is crowded.
  • Please refrain from taking up space or reserving a location. Furthermore, our staff may confiscate tripods that are left alone by people who wish to save a certain spot.

  • About stepladder use

  • In light of aviation insurance, as well as the customers' safety, please refrain from using a stepladder unless you have received permission from the security airport company.

  • About flash or reflector use

  • Flash photography and pointing the reflector towards parked or operating aircrafts are strictly prohibited since these might hinder aircraft operations.

  • About the aircraft’s operation information

  • Please check the Centrair web site or the flight information noticeboards installed within the airport for the operation information of arriving and departing flights in Centrair.
  • Please refrain from making inquiries about flight information that is not listed on Centrair web page or the flight information noticeboards at the airport.
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