Domestic Flight Departure Procedures

Terminal 2

The departures lobby is on the 2nd floor of Terminal 2.


Check-in (Boarding Procedures)

You can check-in, and if necessary, check your bags at the airline check-in counters, on the 2nd floor of Terminal 2 in the departures lobby. If you do not have checked baggage, and you have already purchased a ticket, have a seat assigned, and have a 2D barcode, IC card, you can proceed directly to the security check. If you are participating in a tour, please follow the instructions of the travel agency staff to complete the procedure.

Various Check-in Methods

Depending on what airline you are using, there are various check-in methods. For further details please check with the airline you are using.

Airline Information


Security CheckDomestic Flight Restricted Area

Present your boarding pass to the staff, or hold the 2D barcode or IC card over the dedicated device. Carry-on baggage is passed through an x-ray machine and through a metal detector.

  • * Please put small items, such as keys, wallets, and mobile phones, in your carry-on baggage or put them in a tray in advance.
  • * You can bring water in a plastic bottle but take it out of your baggage in advance.

Boarding GateDomestic Flight Restricted Area

At the boarding gate please follow the instructions of the airline staff.

  • * If you are unsure which gate to go please check your Flight or ask the nearest staff.