International Flight Arrival Procedures

Terminal 2

Terminal 2

The arrivals lobby is on the 1st floor of Terminal 2


QuarantineInternational Flight Restricted Area

If a health questionnaire is distributed on board, fill out the necessary information and submit it to the quarantine counter. If you have symptoms such as diarrhea or fever while traveling and are not feeling well, please stop by the Health Counseling Room.


ImmigrationInternational Flight Restricted Area

Please prepare your passport and proceed to the designated booth for Japanese nationals and foreign travelers.


Baggage CollectionInternational Flight Restricted Area

At the baggage claim area, you can retrieve your baggage from the turntable on which the flight number of your aircraft is displayed, be sure to check that your baggage claim number matches the one on the suitcase.

  • *If your luggage does not appear out or is damaged, please notify an airline representative.

Animal & Plant Quarantine

Customers who are carrying animal (meat) and/or plants (including fruits) into Japan will undergo import inspection at the Plant & Animal Quarantine Counter after they have retrieved their luggage.

Animal Quarantine Service Website

Plant Protection Station Website


Customs InspectionInternational Flight Restricted Area

Travelers in the tax-exempt range head to the table with the green lamp, and those who exceed the tax-excluded range and those who do not know whether they have exceeded the range head to the table with the red lamp.


Arrivals Lobby

When you arrive at the arrivals lobby immigration procedures are complete. For transportation and parking please head appropriate area.

If you are using public transportation

If you are using public transportation or heading toward Terminal 1, Flight of Dreams, or Access Plaza, take the elevator or ramp to the second floor. Be sure to follow the guidance display.