To and From Centrair


I would like to know how to make a payment for parking.

Payment methods with an advanced payment machine or at the exit gate are as follows:
- Cash
- Various credit cards
- iD
- Transportation IC
- Rakuten Edy

[For multi-story parking lot (P1, P2, and P3)]
Pay with the advanced payment machine available near the elevators at P1-A and P3-S on the 4th floor of Access Plaza.
The exit gate is opened by the vehicle number recognition system if you are exiting within 30 minutes after payment, so please keep your parking ticket until exiting just in case.

[For customers using Parking Lot 4]
There is a pre-pay machine located on the first floor of Terminal 2. This machine is only for Parking Lot 4. You cannot pre-pay for other parking areas here.