Award Winning Achievements


Awarded the global 5-Star Regional Airport rating in March, 2023

Based on an audit of more than 500 evaluation items by SKYTRAX, Centrair has been awarded the highest five-star rating, ``5 Star Airport'', as proof that Centrair provides the world's highest level of services, including airport facilities and airport staff. (“5 Star Airports” are 19 out of 429 audited airports)

In 2017, it was the first regional airport outside the Tokyo metropolitan area to receive a 5-star rating, and in November 2019, it was the first in the world to receive a 5-star rating for three consecutive years. It was the first audit in 3 years and 6 months, but it was highly evaluated that the airport as a whole continued to improve even during the corona crisis and pursued a higher service level.

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Awarded The World's Best Regional Airport 2023
Awarded Best Regional Airports in Asia 2023
Awarded World's Best Low-Cost Airline Terminal 2023

The World Airport Awards 2023, conducted by SKYTRAX, which evaluate international airports regarding customer service, Centrair was awarded The World's Best Regional Airport making it the first place winner of the Regional Airport category for 9 consecutive years. Centrair has also received the Best Regional Airport award in Asia for 13 consecutive years.

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