Baggage Wrapping Service

Our service wraps your checked baggage in stretch film to prevent it from being damaged, dirtied or stolen. This service is recommended to those who want to keep their precious baggage from being damaged or dirtied.

Terminal 1

Location: 3rd floor, at the Baggage Service Counter in front of Check in Counter A for International Flights (Yamato Transport)
Hours: 6:30-20:00 (*From 20:00 to 22:00 please go to the 2nd floor Arrivals Lobby counter.)

Terminal 2

Office: Inside the baggage service counter (Yamato Transport) on the 2nd floor
Business hours: 11:00-18:00

Fee Information

  • Wrapping: ¥1,100/piece - ¥1,650/piece
  • Band: ¥330/piece - ¥880/piece
  • * Fees differ depending on size and shape of baggage.
  • * We may not be able to wrap your baggage depending on its size and shape.
  • * Please be aware that we cannot rewrap it if opened for inspection.

Floor Map