Concept Space

In the international and domestic flights areas, we have a waiting area with a unique atmosphere, using top-quality traditional Japanese furniture and luxurious sofas designed with the concept of comfort and relaxation.
Enjoy comfort and relaxation before boarding.

Hida Furniture® Lounge

We have a Hida Furniture® Lounge where Hida furniture representing the Chubu region is displayed next to gate 20 in the restricted area for international flights and gate 7 at the restricted area for domestic flights.
At Centrair, the gateway to the Chubu region, experience our regional culture and relax before boarding with high-quality Hida furniture.

Floor Map

Kutsurogi space

We offer a relaxing space with the concept of, resting and nature, next to gate 19 in the restricted area for international flights.
You can pass your time in comfortable chairs and sofas. Electric charging facilities are available as well.

Floor Map

Airside Garden Blue Crossing

This is an open space where you can overlook the sky and sea, located in the restricted area for the domestic flight. You can relax as you like in a spacious sofa, at a table with an electrical outlet, or at a counter where you can work on your PC.

Floor Map