Delivery and Baggage Service

Baggage can be delivered from the airport to various places in Japan and you can have your baggage delivered to the airport from various places in Japan. (Reservation not required)

Business Hours: Terminal 1
  • 3rd floor Departures Lobby (receiving only) 6:30-14:00
    *From 14:00 please go to the 2nd floor Arrivals Lobby counter.
  • 2nd floor Arrivals Lobby(sending only) 7:00-21:00
    *Items can be shipped on the same day if received before 18:00 (using Yamato Transport)
Business Hours: Terminal 2
  • 2nd floor Departures Lobby (receiving only)
    Temporarily closed
  • 1st floor Arrivals Lobby (shipping only)
    Temporarily closed
Shipping to & from the airport
Shipping from the airport

Please send your baggage to one of the addresses below after inquiring with your courier to have it arrive there on the day before your departure date (Date of delivery). (Your package must be sent, at the latests, 2 days in advance even if it is being sent somewhere nearby.)
In addition to the shipping fee, there is an additional airport fee. COD is not an available payment method. There is no storage fee. (with some exceptions.)

Terminal 1

Tokoname, Centrair 1-1, Central Japan International Airport Terminal 1, 3rd floor baggage counter
TEL: +81-569-38-8562

Terminal 2

Tokoname, Centrair 1-1, Central Japan International Airport Terminal 2, 2nd Floor Baggage Counter
TEL: +81-569-38-8562

  • * Don't forget to include your departure date, flight number, and phone number.

Please bring the invoice when you pick it up. If the sender and the receiver are different and the invoice is unavailable, you can take a photo or a copy, but please note that we must confirm your identity with your passport or driver's license.

Shipping domestically from the airport.

The size limit for packages is 240cm (Total length x width x height) and 50kg. (Depending on the shape, we may not be able to ship it.)
However, shipments to Okinawa must be a size of 220cm and within 30kg, and shipments to Hokkaido must be a size of 160cm and within 45 kg.
We do not accept cash on delivery or frozen items.

Floor Map