Delivery and Baggage Service

Baggage can be delivered from the airport to various places in Japan and you can have your baggage delivered to the airport from various places in Japan. (Reservation not required)

Business Hours: Terminal 1
  • 3rd floor Departures Lobby (receiving only) 6:30~20:00
    *From 20:00 please go to the 2nd floor Arrivals Lobby counter.
  • 2nd floor Arrivals Lobby(sending only) 7:00-22:00
    *Items can be shipped on the same day if received before 18:00 (using Yamato Transport)
Business Hours: Terminal 2
  • 2nd floor Departures Lobby 11:00-18:00
  • 1st floor Arrivals Lobby (shipping only)
    Temporarily closed
    *If using Yamato Transport, orders received before 18:00 will be shipped the same day.
    *Outside business hours, we will be available at the Terminal 1 store.
    *Customers using credit card benefits should use the Terminal 1 store.

Floor Map